We presume you are reading this to try to learn more about your body and why it seems to be misbehaving. Neurosurgeons use web sites like this when they need more information about something, usually in the evening when professional help is not easily available, and it is our hope that this informational area will assist you at a time when you need to know and need to make a decision about seeking formal help or want to see what we might think about a diagnosis you may have gotten already.

Let us hasten to point out that there is no substitute for a real consultation with a doctor where he/she can bring the many skills learned during years of study and practice to bear upon your problems and concerns. Realistically, going to see the doctor is not without some substantial investment on your part in time and expense, so maybe a few general guidelines can be useful to make more educated and efficient in your use of the medical care system.

No one can practice medicine on the internet but if Merrill Lynch can give you investing information on its web site upon which you might make some financial decisions, we think we have an outside chance of imparting to you a few pearls about your spine, brain and nerves that will allow you to get a little help, feel a little better and maybe find some peace of mind.

So, look through the following topics as it suits you and your symptoms. Our neurosurgical members stand ready to assist you beyond these pages and they are all listed in the Member section which we encourage you use for a formal consultation if that suits you. Not all our members deal with all symptoms or all forms of insurance, but a quick call to a neurosurgeon near you will get that information and we pledge to help you see someone appropriate for your problem if we are unable to help you directly.

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