The Board of Directors of the California Neurological Society invites you to apply for a fellowship
position in CANS. Two fellows each year will be selected. The ideal candidate would be in their 3rd
year or later of residency and have a strong interest in the socioeconomics of medicine and in
particular, neurological surgery. The term of the fellowship is one year, starting on July 1st and
ending the following year on June 30th.


  1. The Fellows selected must be able to attend both of the Board of Directors meetings. These
    meetings occur on a Saturday in the spring and the fall. The meetings alternate between Los
    Angeles and Oakland. Economy airfare, booked at least four weeks in advance, or IRS approved
    mileage is reimbursed after proper completion and submission of an expense form.
  2. The Fellows selected must be able to attend the Annual Meeting of the California Association.
    These meetings occur on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in January, typically on Martin Luther
    King weekend. Transportation and two nights of hotel will be reimbursed or provided. The
    Fellows selected are expected to attend the opening reception on Friday night and the Saturday
    night banquet.
  3. The Fellows selected will serve as a nonvoting member of Board Committee(s) as appointed by
    the President.
  4. The Fellows selected may be asked to present at the Annual Meeting of the California
    Association of Neurological Surgeons.
  5. The Fellows selected may consider attending the Council of State Neurosurgical Societies (CSNS)
    at their own expense. These meetings precede the annual AANS and CNS meetings.
    The Fellows of CANS are expected to bring current residency topics to the meetings of the Board of
    Directors. Fellows are expected to partake in active Board discussions. Completion of the
    Fellowship may make the resident a more competitive candidate for applying for a Fellowship in
    the CSNS.

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