2018 Agenda Draft

California Neurosurgery- Preparing for the Future

SCHEDULE of EVENTS January 12-14, 2018

 1-4pm            CANS Board Meeting (open to all members-buffet lunch before)
6:30 – 9:00    Opening Night Reception
6:30–7:30          Continental Breakfast- Please visit EXHIBITS
7:30-7:35               Kenneth Blumenfeld, M.D.              President’s Report
7:35-7:40               Mark Linskey, M.D.                           Secretary’s Report Voting: BOD/Nominating Committee
7:40-7:45               Ted Kaczmar, M.D.                            Treasurer’s Report
Session 1:     Growing Trend Towards Neurosurgical Subspecialization

8:00-8:30         Dr. Robert Harbaugh – Update on accredited enfolded residency fellowships and CAST certification

8:30-9:00         Dr. Christopher Shaffrey- Spine fellowship and specialization is the way of the future

9:00-9:30         Dr. Shelly Timmons – General neurosurgeons, core competency and scope of practice

9:30-10:00       Dr. Mike McDermott- Specialization in cranial surgery is a must

10:00-10:30     Dr. Ash Sharan- Subspecialization in intracranial surgery will fragment neurosurgery

10:30-11:00     Q&A, Panel Discussion

11:00-11:30 Break – Please visit exhibits

Session 2:     California Legislative Update

11:30-11:50     Dr. Ted Mazer-Surprise Billing and AB 72

11:50-12:10     Dr. ?( probably CMA staff )CURES update

12:10-12:30     Prop 56

12:30 – 1:30             Lunch with Exhibitors

Session 3: Quality and value in neurosurgery

1:30-1:45         Dr. John Davis, Washington CMTE Update

1:45-2:15         Dr. Ashby Wolfe?-MACRA “Rules”

2:30-3:00         Dr. Robert Hertzka- ACA and Healthcare Reform…What Now?

3:00- 3:15        Dr. Josh Rosenow- CSNS update

3:15-3:30         Dr. John Ratliff – Coding and Reimbursement

3:30-4:00       Dr. Ami Bera Physicians on the Hill, and inside view

4:00-4:15         Q & A

4:15-4:30         Kenneth Blumenfeld, MD  Closing Remarks


6:00 PM


7:00-7:40      Breakfast/Please visit Exhibits-Sponsored by

Session 1     

8:00-9:00         Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Neurosurgery


9:30- 12:00


Resident/Fellow Presentations


12:00-12:15     Award for Resident Presentation 

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